Homage to Homer

Once in a while, comes along a man who condenses for us an entire era. Through his art, he records, for posterity, the conflict inherent within society. He portrays the complex social structures, the alliances and the betrayals, the rise and fall of mighty and meek – and does so entertainingly. He forces us to think about good and evil – to question our own moral choices. He scribes for us the fads and the fashions of the day to be studied by a later generation – he holds up a mirror to the times he lives, whether they like it or not.

He chronicles the tempestuous adventures and journeys that men undertake – some to live their dreams and some simply because they have no choice. Journeys that take them to end of known world and into the beyond – fantastical, outrageous journeys and capers that we could not have imagined, save for this man telling us so.

I, of-course, am talking about Homer Simpson.

Who else?

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