A Tale Of Process and Performance

Nearly two years into the NDA government, I’m tired of reading unverifiable reports about process improvements.

Manohar Parrikar claims to have found USD 3 Billion of Defence Funds lying unused in US bank accounts. I don’t know if the current Defence Ministry actually ‘found’ this money just now or the NDA government simply had an inefficient process of tracking their own resources (remember that there was continuity in the bureaucracy? – ?the previous Defence Minister was not holding the funds in his personal account) and is now trying to score political points.

What matters is that Pathankot does not happen again.

I don’t know (or care) how many hours the Prime Minister works. Working 16 hours a day is not an end result in itself, even if it’s true.

What matters is that economy grows at a faster pace than under the UPA government (6.9% in 2013–2014 vs. 7.3% in 2014–2015 to take a simplified indicator).

I could continue these examples ad-infinitum, but the point is that this rhetoric might have been fine when the NDA government was just starting out (remember the claim that bureaucrats have started to come to work at 9:00 AM?) since they had nothing else to show just then.

Maybe the Prime Minister can sleep more everyday and the bureaucrats in New Delhi can come to office 10:00AM everyday – please let’s talk about performance over process.

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